only getting 2 to 4 volts from internal ignition coil on CEV

I'm only getting 2 to 4 volts AC when reading the output of the internal igniton coil on my CEV 6932 magneto as read from the red wire with respect to bike frame ground. I am spinning the flywheel at full speed with a drill. The blue wire output reads 6 volts while pedaling or turned with the drill.

I am getting a spark but it seams like a weak one. The bike won't start even when I sprayed engine starter in the carb or cyclinder. Checked and cleaned points, checked timing, and plug gap too.

I found a short to ground on the wire where the red wire connects to on the wireing harness. There is about 5 amps going through the coil when it's working as it should.

Could that ground short have blown my interna ignition coil?

Please help. It would be much appreciated.

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