I’m going to repack the wheel bearings on my Grande. But I did the fork bearings and they spilled everywhere. New ones came in a race. Has anyone done wheel bearings on a Grande? Or should I just go ahead and order two sets?

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Fun facts about bearings...

If your wheel has a lot of play and that is why you are going to re-pack the bearings, then just order new ones. The current ones are probably too worn and oval now. Not all loose bearing will come in cages, but yes many newer sets will.

If your wheels feel solid but just gummed up from old grease then you can most likely use the old bearings with some fresh grease. Just get them super clean.

I recently learned of a test to figure out if your bearings are still round. Place them in a smooth bowl and roll them. If they are warped at all you will hear them jumping a bit. If they are round still they will roll smoothly around the bowl.

Just use your previous experience and make sure to remove the axel carefully and do it over a towel so they dont go bouncing all over.

You could always go a sealed bearing conversion too.

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Yes to Jays suggestions. Especially the towel under the axle.

Had the same thing happen to me the first time on the head tube

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Thanks Jay . Yeah they spin free. Just looked online , they are loose. Never occurred to me they would be. I will use a towel this time! Maybe convert them over the winter. ;)

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Towel and a magnet. Every headset I redo on a bike that I haven't worked on before, when I remove the top hardware, I keep upward pressure on the forks so the steer tube doesn't slip down and spill bearings everywhere.

Then I take a strong magnet lower the forks slowly, and grab all the bearings.

Works in hubs, too. Especially old ones with no grease left. Take the cones off one side without pulling the axle out, then wiggle the axle while catching the bearings with the magnet.

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Just got it apart. Lot bigger bearings. Easier to work with. Cleaned and fit .gonna goop the up.

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cleaned, repacked, brakes look new, cleaned and wiped hub with etch and prep reassembled. Also used mag pick up. Useful tool. Also one with light.

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