Anyone stateside ordered from here before? They have some things I haven't been able to find anywhere else...

Google translate helps a lot for getting through their website but I don't necessarily trust using that for ordering. I'd like to actually get in touch with them before sending money off

I messaged wossner pistons USA and they said supermofa had a piston custom made for them and they didn't have any u.s. suppliers for it


They seem to have a lot of really cool stuff. But those prices are up there and you have to ship it.

What exactly are you looking at there that you can't find elsewhere?

Not arguing or trying to talk you out of it. just want to know what sparked the question.


Mostly this wossner forged piston for puch Gila. I already adapted my spacing & head for that vertex single ring piston and this has same dimensions from what I can tell. The skirt broke on my vertex piston which is cast and stepping up to a forged piston seems like a step in right direction. They also have some good little bits for ktm clutch.


I mean yea it's money but those prices might still have vat tax included, idk? I'm down to pay that premium when it's worth it to me



really nice looking stuff but pricey


If ya gotta have it....

Just email them if you have questions or want a warm fuzzy about it.


I talked to them and they said treats is their special order supplier for u.s.

case closed!

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