Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

my Peugeot 103 was running a little slow, 25mph max!

so I unscrewed the muffler for m the engine and the thing hit 35 flat out but i think my ears were bleeding when I got home.

I was thinking about putting a straight pipe on it a and see what happens...

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Have you ever burned out your muffler ?

Sounds like it needs it.

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Russ, I was Psyched to see you the other day... good news about your moped. Three mopeds, that's almost a swarm-!

My wife is still wary of the main roads... but we've been zooming around the side- neighborhoods.

My friend (who couldn't tell me the difference between a moped and a scooter) told me he saw 2 mopeds in portland.

Add that to the pretty gothic looking woman on her express, and there's now 6 mopeds around Portland/South Portland.

The SP city hall clerk told me a woman had just registered one for her son.... that makes 7, although a 'scooter' could have been the 'moped' the city hall lady was referring to.

Russ, we'll get together and ride soon. We were going to ride the mopeds to go watch the fireworks, but we stayed in the AC and went to bed early. It was like 95, and in maine (you know) , anything much over 85 and it gets humid as heck.....

A 90 degree dry day in Maine? nope. Maybe it's all the forest and marsh and ocean.

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

wayne we will definatly have to go ride soon, it is so cool to ride in a group of three, but five that would be sweet!

I have to get the peugeot running smooth try and burn out the muffler, I don't have a good torch though.

I saw that girl on the express she road past my street I also saw a guy on one of those hondas with the little wheels, I cant remember the name of the ped but it was sweet.

I think its almost time to start a maine chapter!

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Dude... did you read about my recent wipe out? In the thread about "old jap bike parts"?

I was showing the wife how to be safe, and keeping an eye on her in the rear view.... I stopped in some sand and bit the tar.

"Honey... I wanted to illustrate a major safety 'don't' so you see what not to do.... I actually planned to be lying here bleeding....all for your safety...."


Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Matt Wilson /


You dont need to burn out that muffler. Its the short beer can shape right?

Well you can remove the endcap and inners, and its easy because the muffler is so short.

Also do me a favor and check to see what style you exhuast port has.

Does it have 2 bolts that hold the exhaust onto the cylinder or does it have one big nut, like a 30mm. Also what year is it.

The reason I ask is that I bought a leovince pipe from, but it was designed for a 2 bolt mounting not the 30mm nut. I'm going to try to find someone to weld the old mount onto the new pipe.

Its obviously something that has changed over the years, but for a 40 pipe I cant complain much


Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

the 30 mm is the same one that came on all the 102 sp

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Matt Wilson /

I was kind of bummed.. that peugeot is fighting me all the way!

Its a good thing gurtner doesn't make carbs anyomre because those things suck. Some good ideas, but overall I hate those things.

It will be done soon, and then I can get the pipe welded right.

I'll post some pics when I get it done. You are gonna be so jealous duck!


Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Chris MWH /

All things considered the gurtner is one of the best designed carburetors made. I don't understand why people hate them so much . They are very easy to clean, Parts are very cheap for them, jetting changes can be made externally, the throttle and choke cable are universal open end type, the mounting clamp is steel and replacable.... The list goes on and on.

For the exhaust those small exhaust are only about $20.00 on our site so it hardly pays to get yourself dirty cleaning the old one.

For the leovinci your should return the pipe and buy the one with the right fitting It is available from leovinci so you should have been given a choice. The one you got is for the style of mount found on some bore kits so it should have shown a picture or explained that it would not work with the standard cyclidner.


Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

well I did clean the exhaust and the put it back on the bike and it runs great! so cleaning made a huge differance.

I ended up buying a new carb for this bike for toronto mopeds

instead of messing with the old one any longer. I'm sure the old carb just needs a new jet, but I got a good deal on the new carb. The Peugeot is my new favorite ped..

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Chris what is your site?

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Chris MWH /


Chris MWH

Re: Peugeot, like a bat out of hell

Hey Chris.... can you get me complete carb cables?

I have tried using bicycle cables without much success.. hell what about all new cables.. (other then speedometer I have a brand new one) I can't rig the bicycle cable to work well with the twist grip.. it keep on sliding out.

I need choke Gas compresion left brake right brake.

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