Tomos moby 🥰 Tomos chopper & custom motobecane Tomos engine

This bike turned out super rad...

I have the puch mlm BK100 exhaust pipe if a 19 mm phbg carburetor and also the 80cc big Port metrakit......

I love building bikes like these...

All my builds are bolt together no welding...I'm very proud of these builds... The chopper is my grocery getter and that tomos has the Puch 74 CC Gila kit with a 24 mm flat side carburetor and v Force reeds with the mlm g-104 pipe... The problem with that 24mm flatslide carburetor is the needle is too small and skinny and the slide doesn't have a big enough cut away in it... It really makes it hard for tuning...So I filed the slide about 5mm and I was filing down my needle from a bigger carburetor and I filed it down too far so I had to order another one.... The g-104 pipe has a power band the kicks in late and I can't seem to get into the powerband but when I do the bike is actually hard to steer... The rear end is very heavy and with the front being so light and hitting these bumps in the cul-de-sac it gets going so fast that I wined out first gear as far as I can go and I can feel that powerband beginning to hit, but by that time I have to switch into second by blipping the throttle... That Tomos chopper is my favorite bike ever...I have the side covers but there not on in the photo...

The problem with the mobys is that seat... It drives me crazy but I fixed it for good now... Still uncomfortable but I have other choices of seats and I'm still working on it....I just wanted to share some pictures and wish everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July...



Re: Tomos moby 🥰 Tomos chopper & custom motobecane Tomos engine

Mike McScoutington /

Holy run on sentence Batman ;)

I would like to see a photo of the other side of you Moby/Tomos bastard and a shot of the engine mount. I'm working on a bastard Moby 40T, Tomos A3. Rather I have the parts to put it together but have not had the time to touch it yet.

Re: Tomos moby 🥰 Tomos chopper & custom motobecane Tomos engine

Cool tomos/mbk dude! Got to say tho, anychance you can pm me about the moby engine I bought off you in April. Been pm’n you but no responses. Thanks!!

Re: Tomos moby 🥰 Tomos chopper & custom motobecane Tomos engine

Cheesy rider?

Born to be mild?

Kinda cool though.

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