Strange swapping

I've been looking around on this forum for an idea on how to get a disk brake on the front of my moped, but havn't found much.

My current idea is to find a kid-sized dirtbike with a front disk and around a 16" tire, and swap the whole front end -triple tree and all- onto my Sachs.

So is there anyone out there familiar with these smaller bikes that may know about which one would be well-suited for the swap?

I'm not thinking about off-road use, just something with enough travel to use on the road, and would fit a moped-sized rim. I don't care about the brand-name, but knowing which bike to get parts off of would really help.

Any ideas?


Re: Strange swapping

some mountain bikes have disc brakes. you could try using those

Re: Strange swapping

I don't think you really need a disc brake... all you need is about any brake that came on any small dirt bike...

Why ?.. because most of them had 10HP or more... and they weigh more than a ped... both of which means they needed more front brake.

The thing will be getting the steering head to swap... and a front rim that you can find tires you like for it.. (don't know if you want a knobby on the front).

The other thing is ... finding a front end in a salvage yard that doesn't have fork tubes that aren't too rusty for your sense of style.

Do a search for 'motorcycle salvage yards' ... find one in your state (or nearby state?).. and take a visit and see what they have.

(first measure your ped for the largest steering head 'bolt' that will fit thru your peds steering head)

Then you might still have to do some tricky swapping of bearings.. and make spacers... and.. will the tubes come back and hit your gas tank at 'full lock' ?

I have been considering a similar deal... only I have a front drum off a 175cc trail bike that I might try to lace to a wheel of the right size... I will have 4 times the braking power if I do.

Re: Strange swapping

For me, it is mostly for the aesthetics, but I think it would solve a lot of the concerns about having too much power for the current brakes. I know I'm not at a point now where I'd have to worry about it right now, but I think having superior brakes would be a good idea for anyone who is getting a moped to go fast.

The reason I'm thinking about this is because I had a friend knock down his fence and brake his nose because of bad brakes. The bike was messed up too. At least he was in his own back yard, and not in traffic.

If anyone is in a motorcycle shop, keep your eyes peeled, and check out some of the smaller stuff. It may keep someone with a nice, fast ped from smearing themselves across the pavement.

Re: Strange swapping

chuck russo va /

try a front end off of a 80cc race bike those may work or even off a 2 stroke 50cc like a polini bike or cobra or ktm

Re: Strange swapping

minutemade /

if you can find a ktm those would be the nicest as long at it would work.

hows about taking a c70 wheel and lacing your rim onto it c70 has drums but i think they might be bigger.

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