Black 1987 QT50 Finished

Here's the acquisition story:,4380468,4380813,flat=1#msg-4380813

Here it is all done, running and driving. Engine rebuild with new stock top end, bearings, seals, gaskets , clean the fuel system, free up / replace cables as needed, fix all lights/horn, repack bearings/ ck brakes, new battery, clean paint, polish chrome, replace missing decals and add a couple of my own design, and paint seat piping contrasting color. The only challenge was locating a new accelerator cable that goes from the splitter to the carb. Apparently 1986/87 used an odd carb top that takes a unique cable and Yamaha doesn't make them anymore. Once Speed and Sport Yamaha in Bloomsburg PA opened up from the virus, they had one NOS one left. Lucky me. That cable is as rare as a choke cable! I never really cared for the black ones, but now that I have a nice original one , it's a nice looking color.


Re: Black 1987 QT50 Finished

That is a nice black and WHITE QT . ;)

Nice work .

Re: Black 1987 QT50 Finished

Looks great

Well done !!!

Re: Black 1987 QT50 Finished

Nice, I'm working on my black QT right now, lots of pictures coming soon and a Yellow one waiting to start restoring it, can't wait. Thank you for sharing!!

Re: Black 1987 QT50 Finished

Jimmy Cincinnati /

Thats a sharp looking QT... all i have is 2 red and 1 blue. Im jealous of the black paint.

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