Honda P50

A seller on Facebook near me has 2 P 50 Honda’s fo sale , one is in perfect running condition the other is complete but needs restored and also included is a custom helmet. The price is $1100.00 , what are your thoughts ?

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2 left hands 🏍 /

In my opinion that would be a pretty good price If both were running. Little high if one is a project though

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Pushrod Fifty /

You can try offering for just the nice one with cash in hand.

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OEM parts are very hard to find for them. Chinese knock-offs are out there but even they are expensive.

I had one. It was a very fun bike but limited with a top speed of 29mph. No way to make them faster as the Valve Springs are too weak to go any faster safely. This means if you are going down a hill and going faster than 29mph you can have a problem! I am told you can install PC50 Valve Springs for a little more speed.

If you get them... the Carb O-rings are impossible to find. I looked for a number of years. Then decided to contact an O-ring company to have a set made. I now have Kits for the Carbs. The Kit covers both types of carbs. If the Carbs leak or they siliconed yours, to stop them from leaking, PM me for a kit. $30.00 plus shipping.

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I was thinking about getting it for my 13 year old Granddaughter, it looks to be in showroom condition and running, not one of those deals where it was running when they put it in the barn. I was thinking about offering to buy the nice one but I checked Ebay for parts availability and holy crap the

prices are insane! $400 for a muffler,$50 for an exhaust valve, every part was $$$. Maybe I’d be better off buying both , like what’s the motor alone worth on the other one . Someone said it’s the Holy Grail of mopeds , don’t know about that but the prices for parts are Holy . They are cute little Devils though. Thanks

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Pushrod Fifty /

They look cool but I would go for parts availability.

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Hey! Did you buy them? I would love to see them!

I do miss mine but it had to go. I have too many bikes as it is and had to reduce based on what was more usable! LOL!

Post pictures if you did.

If you did not take it PM me the ad? I would like to see them. If you pass I may be interested.

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I did not buy them and you can see them on Facebook there located in Akron Ohio .

I’m not to savvy on this tablet but you should be able to see them on this information.

They still were available this morning . Good Luck don’t see how you could go wrong The red and white one is perfect . Thanks

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Thanks I did find them. The red one looks good but it is missing the very hard to impossible to find white plastic cover over the Carburetor on the left hand side. The levers should be plastic too. And that is just what I can see quick. May be repainted too? Just looks too shinny.

Sometimes you can find the covers on eBay from Taiwan or China... not OEM but cheap copy.

If it was all there and all original I might have made the 12 ½ hour trip to get them. But the one is not 100% original.

I looked up what I sold mine for... $2200 after fees on eBay. But mine was a rare green color and it was an import model from Canada with turn signals. It was all original but not perfect. Maybe an 8 out of ten. I am thinking you could pick it up and list it on eBay and make a profit.

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