EBR Hydralic Forks

Nicholas Scholten /

How much travel do the EBR forks have?

I'm shopping Treats for a set to put on my '78 Swinger and I think I've figured out that the Peugeot/Hobbit/Bravo forks will fit... I think. I come from a motorcycle background and am struggling with the terminology a little. Mopeds are this weird mish-mash of bicycle and motorcycle!


220mm head tube, 60mm is threaded (or is this 220mm plus 60mm of thread for a total of 280mm?) and total 24" long, which makes them about 3" longer than I need them, I think.

Moped sites outline "head tube" length. Treats says measure the headset length. On a bicycle the "head tube" is the forward most part of the frame that a steering tube or 'steerer' passes through. It holds the bearing races.

On a motorcycle it's the headset or steering head, that a steering stem/column or yoke stem/column passes through.

Are they calling the yoke stem/column the 'head tube' in this instance? And the length of it is from the lower yoke to the end of the threaded portion, right? And of that total length, 60mm is threaded, not plus 60mm?

The Swinger 1 seems to have just under 21" fork legs and depending on terminology a 140mm headset and a 170 or 175mm yoke stem.

Anyone have a link to a manual or exploded view of these forks? Parts list? What model they are?


Re: EBR Hydralic Forks

Puch forks will also work too, so you can get those EBR’s too.

Re: EBR Hydralic Forks

Nicholas Scholten /


Right now it's hard finding them in stock a lot of places so I'm having to consider my options based on availability.

I'm not feeling up to spending an extra 100 bucks for preload adjusters and a brace (what Treats has in stock) just to get forks that are specifically sold as for Puch.

EBRs are already expensive enough. x.x Definitely considering my options before I take the leap into a ready-made solution.

Re: EBR Hydralic Forks

On those forks, steer tube is total length so it's 220mm from lower tree to the top. 60mm of thread means the threads start at 160mm from the lower tree.

Top tree thickness is given to make sure the steer tube is long enough to go from the lower tree, thru your frames head tube (with headset cups,) top tree, and still have enough thread for the threaded race and top nut.

Also, Puch uses a f'd up french size thread. 26x1mm. You'll need the Puch top threaded race and the top nut, but you can probably use your original cones and bearings, as long as the races fit.

Make sense now?

Re: EBR Hydralic Forks

Also, I have the ebr "funzone" non hydraulic 26" forks from treats modified to fit a vintage 50cc motorcycle with 19" wheels. They're pretty stiff, and have that baby ceriani look.

You can purchase the triple trees and legs separately to fit whatever set-up you're going for, as long as you get the same size tree and tubes (30mm OD tubes and trees, you know what I mean...)


Re: EBR Hydralic Forks

Nicholas Scholten /

Thank you so much. Yes it does. That's what I thought the measurement was, then started doubting myself so much I had to just ask.

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