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I’ve got a motobecane model 7 moped. I drained the old gas and I put some carburetor cleaner in with new gas since it has not been used in a few years. ( I also mixed oil with the gas)

When I try to restart it After running for 15 to 20 minutes. It will backfire start but not stay running

I need to wait another 15 minutes before I’m able to restart it and have it run properly.

Does anyone know if the model 7 has a problem with overheating ?

Or is this problem self inflicted with the carburetor cleaner


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Pushrod Fifty /

Probably not the cause but You have to disassemble the carb to clean it. The old condenser is failing as it heats up. Replace the condenser, clean the carb and it should run decently.

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If it has a condenser , replace it .

Re: Motobecane 7

^ Yep.

Re: Motobecane 7

Where is the condenser located ?

Re: Motobecane 7

its in the wiki

Re: Motobecane 7

Under the flywheel, nut that holds it on is reverse threaded, use piston stop to hold it while you break it loose.

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Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Then do yourself a big favor. Remove the old condenser and solder all the wires where it once lived together and insulate. Put the flywheel back on. Buy an FA76 or similar 6V condenser from NAPA or any 6V car condenser from any local auto parts shop (all 1954 American cars were 6V). Then mount the new condenser with the case grounded against the metal base of the HT coil. Tap the wire into the lug on the coil where the wire from the points goes joining with the existing wire. External coils last longer because they stay cooler. Enjoy!

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You dont have to remove the old condenser, just snip the blue-black wire going to the points and make sure the snipped wire does not foul in anything.

While the magneto is open, set the points at 0,4mm gap at index. Adjust the timing so the points just open at 1,5mm BTDC.

You will need a cam/clutch puller to adjust the timing... but it is a handy tool to have so might as well get one.

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