I'm tired of crappy throttles, every one that I have sticks and sucks. Has anyone used a dirtbike or billet throttle? Are there good motorcycle throttles that don't need a ton of customization to use on mopeds? I've tried a few from Treats and they all seem to be made by the same guys that make the McDonalds Happy Meal toys. Thanks

Re: Throttles

I've had this one on my 103 for about five years, it's great. 1/4 pull to wide open though, if that bothers you. The part that clamps to the bar is metal as well wich is nice.

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Domino plastic throttles are pretty much amazing, If i can I only rock those. You can get slow and fast ones.

They also make metal ones for MX stuff, But the trials throttles are so small and light.

Re: Throttles

I can't recall ever buying a replacement throttle assembly .

I have reworked a few that wanted to stick or had broken bits .

I even designed , made and currently use a decent throttle on my Simplex .

It's about a half turn idle to wide open :

And , if you hadn't noticed , it's an internal bar throttle ( hidden cable ) .

Re: Throttles

The only ones that I've had work without sticking are the nos magura setups. Just dont over tighten the cinch bolt and it should last a long time.

Re: Throttles

Mike McScoutington /

Stock Motobecane throttles are fairly robust. I just dremeled out set screw groove to increase the pull for my Polini CP19. They are easy to take apart and clean if they get sticky and they don't have any little clips, springs, or bits to loose or break like in some of the other assemblies.

I'm also rocking a Lusito throttle I got from Treats on one of my other bikes. The top cap has cracked in like 3 spots. I'll likely cover it in epoxy so it stays in one piece. If it wasn't so cheap I would be upset.

Re: Throttles

In a pinch , I've used pipe hanger strap to fasten a throttle until I could better repair it .

Re: Throttles

I have this lusito throttle from treat's that's pretty rad. Kinda bulky, but it works awesome. Alloy construction with abs plastic internals, short pull, works great.

Re: Throttles

I put a matching pair of these on my 103 and I like them (smooth throttle). You will need to replace the brake cables and I think decomp and choke cables as well. Different knarps.

Vespa SI Throttle

Re: Throttles

Totally normal JBOT /

Any scooter throttle is way better than a moped throttle

Aprillia, honda, yamaha etc....

Cheap on eBay

Re: Throttles

roy jongejan /

i have had no problems with stock Tomos throttles, other than my own clumsiness and breaking the plastic bits, little bit of oil and is smooth as butter, also fits on any 22mm bar

Re: Throttles

I was at fault for mine breaking. Tie mopeds DOWN when working on them. This one part has given me soon much grief.

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