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Just Received A Moto Becane Moped {50-V} Know Very Little About The Moped. Took Machine Shop In H. School, A Trade School Here In St. Louis Back In The Early 60s. Moped Looks OK, Doesn't Mean It Is. Cleaned It Up. Getting Ready To Ride It. There Are At Least A Dozen Oil Cups And Caps,{I Guess That is What You Call Those Oil Holes} What Type & Weight Oil Do I Use. Is There Supposed To Felt In Them?? There Isn't. That Don't Seem Right To Me. I have A Million Question And Will Need Some Help. Not Even Shure Where To Start. It Seems To Run OK. I Checked The Voltage It Is Well Within The 12% Div. Range, I Believe That Is What The Instructions Says. The Amperage Is Different By Far, But The Instruction Sheet Did Not Mention That At All. What Should The Amp Range Be??. Ran It For About 2.5 Hours Toying With It, While I Wait To Barrow Ramps. Nothing Heated Up. Like I Said I Am New At This And Any Help Will Be Appreciated. Thanks , Terry

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I just use bearing grease in a syringe, and force it thru. There are a ton of tutorials on this site under the wiki tab, in the Motobecane section. Also, there should be a link to a bunch of Rebel Moby YouTube videos. He’s our local Moby guru, and full of info.

The passages you’re trying to force grease thru are probably plugged with dry, crusty grease. You may need to clean em out. But there should be one for your variator too. You will likely need to remove the variator to clean & service the starter clutches.

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I Don't Know Why You Are Capitalizing The First Letter Of Every Word But It Makes It Really Hard To Read.

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You need a grease gun

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You can buy a pointed nipple at an auto parts store that fits over a grease gun nozzle for the pedal crank and variator mini zerk fittings. First use a small pointy nail to clean the orifice and see that the spring loaded tiny ball will go in and out. Then just 1 pump into the variator so it doesnt get into the starter shoes, after the gun is primed. I use an old toothbrush and coat the inside of the chains lightly with grease and then wipe with a rag to take off the excess. That minimizes the grease on the rims.

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