OK, Yamaha QT50, 1980 Black and 1982 Yellow

Over the weekend 6/20/20, I was looking into Craigslist to see what they have for sale, so I came across this ad, A guy was selling his 2 moped project, he put it up for sale for $400 for the pair, I emailed him and within 3 hours I was the new proud owner of this 2 babies they look great so I am in the process of restoring this 2 mopeds to their original conditions I will put updates as my progress goes on, I already put the black moped apart and sent it out for Powder coating shop (they will get the same original color) close to my home, it should be ready in about 2 weeks. The mopeds don't have a title, but I already sent the paperwork to Vermont to get the tags from them. I did this for a 1981 Yamaha Chappy I got online a few years ago and restored, so hopefully will the registration and tags in about 2 weeks, I want the 2 mopeds to be as original as possible, I already scored some deals on eBay for some parts, the forks seals are bad on both mopeds so I got 3 brand new ones online, but missing 1 more, also got a new rear brake cable for the black moped and went on Bolt Depot and ordered almos all the screws to replace them for Metric socket screws with an allen wrench drive, I did this with my 1981 Yamaha Chappy and it looks great and much easy to get them out if need it to. I will upload more pictures later today. Thank you!

My English is bad so I do apologize for that!


Re: OK, Yamaha QT50, 1980 Black and 1982 Yellow

Culichor C /

Does anyone know a good provider service to upload pictures with links? Thanks!


Re: OK, Yamaha QT50, 1980 Black and 1982 Yellow

Culichor C /

Few new parts I got from eBay, waiting for tires a few other parts


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