Maxi N build: Update,Thanks and Stuff Needed

This has been a many years long quest to find and build this N. Found the bike towards the beach. Was covered in white and black plasti-coat, non running but pretty complete. The idea is to make a maxi N rat-like bike with a ZA.

Quite a process to remove all that covering (gasoline) and I plan to keep the original paint and prior owners ‘sanding’ as is. It’s amazing how well the original red paint holds up.

Added many parts from people at the Tampa rally. Thank you Eric (QCB) for a box of ZA parts that I was able to build the former Puch LS ZA from. Love the black trans cover. New crank, Polini kit, Hi comp head, 15 bing. We are in the break-in period now. Also thank you Joe Romano for the rack and rear fender and the snowflakes from Chris. Got the front fender from Sunday Morning and lots of stuff off Treats/DOS. My friend Mark L in Raleigh has been great in helping to weld and fab parts as this is not standard fitment.

Special thanks to DOS for the pipe that I won in the raffle at Tampa. I think a Cranks pipe and it is great. This will be a quick bike - thinking 50 when it’s all over. I had no idea how flimsy the N frame is - this will be interesting.

Still need to redo wiring block, mount coil, etc.

I am having a problem with the pedal crank (treats that fits a magnum) dropping the chain when I pedal backward. The alignment is off and I am having to grind more and more off the crank arm side of the shaft where it is welded. Still can’t get the right alignment and I don’t want to grind the plastic bushing down. Any advice on improving the alignment would help.

So what I still need.....Hoping to maybe source locally and ‘used’ to fit the bike’s look. Otherwise it is ordering new overseas....

Grey maxi N side covers and a set of black screws.

The chrome N carry handles on the center of the bike.

A working original Superman black taillight base. I have a good lens and chrome inside piece but the base is a challenge. Needs to be original as the new ones are garbage.

Thanks for the help all.


Re: Maxi N build: Update,Thanks and Stuff Needed

You can brace the rear supports inside on the N's, helps with torsional flex, Long strips of steel on both sides is best

Re: Maxi N build: Update,Thanks and Stuff Needed

EH 📣FCC of the QCB /

Hell ya Keith! I love the Black cover ZAs too! Polini with a 15 bing should rip! Great looking bike. Garret is right most Ns new build get flat stock welded in as a brace. Can’t wait to see this thing in person. Good build!

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