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Hey there,

Looking for some advice on buying my first moped. Trying to decide between a used General 5 Star and a new Amstar Nostalgia. I know some people have serious reservations about new model Chinese bikes but I've read some enthusiastic reviews as well. Will I have trouble upgrading the Amstar? Someone told me the newly manufactured ones aren't a 4 speed anymore.

The General is beautiful but I'm worried about buying an older bike with limited info on it. "It runs." Isnt super comforting. Also I haven't seen many parts around for it if something breaks.

Both will end up being about the same price.

Any thoughts are appreciated. (edited)

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go with the general, you will probably enjoy it more. On the wiki theres some tips on inspecting a moped. The general will have many more parts available to upgrade or fix

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Tough call. The general's more likely to need work and also more fixable and will absolutely outlast the amstar, however it will require more frequent work to do so. Tha amstar will probably get you a few thousand miles without too much major efforts, but not going to last and not going to have much resale. The amstar will probably be faster, easier to start, better brakes and lights as-recieved. The general however you could make much faster with better aftermarket.

other considerations, the amstar may have very different registration requirements depending on your state, it's NOT a moped.

Also also, those amstars seem to be around 12-1500 bucks new, you should be able to find a decent old moped for less than half that.

would you rather have a nice old mercedes or a cheap new kia? The new one has better newer stuff but maintained the old one will outlast it, hold value better, have more character and is for most intents a better machine, but if your intent is to have a vehicle that just kinda works well enough for a few years and throw it away - go with the amstar.

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A motorcycle shop wont touch the Amstar if it needs service and parts will be hard to find. People here on Moped Army can walk you through a repair and you can get parts on treatland or dos cycles, ebay, and on the buy/sell forum here.

If you want something newer and be able to have it serviced, look at Hondas because they are well made and the Honda dealer can get parts for them.

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The general is infinitely more simple, also like dude said. It can last FOREVER. Also the amstar isn't "really" a moped. It's a 50cc motorcycle. Legally it could be a moped depending on what state you live in. But not all of them.

regardless of your choice, you will be the mechanic. A Chinese 50cc bike is actually harder to find a mechanic for than a vintage moped.

The amstar will begin to degrade quickly. Chinese bikes are known for "infant mortality". It starts with the electrics, then the plastics, and catastrophic engine failure is fairly common. Haw many amstars have you seen with over a thousand miles on it?

And if you do have problems with the general, everything is readily available. From the engine to the brakes to the electrics, it's all available here in the US. From , just not using the right terms of you can't find parts. Not so for the amstar, you'll be having trouble as soon as a plastic cracks.

And if newer amstars aren't four speeds, run away. The transmission was the bikes only redeeming quality in my opinion. The single speed automatics SUCK.

Also, if you do decide to go with the general. They came with two engines, a Sachs 505, or a minerelli v1. They are both great, bit the v1 is better IMO.

Little to no upgrade options for the amstar short of replacing the engine with a lifan. Compatibly between horizontal Honda clones is iffy. (edited)

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