whats the fasted speed done on a moped? i was just wondering.


Re: fast!

chuck russo va /

on my targa lx that was still 50cc i hit 52 or 53

Re: fast!

corypoopoo /

how????? all ive done is 45 on my sprint

Re: fast!

down hill maybe...

fast fast fast 50cc

Well these aren't mopeds ...

... but this here 50cc bike set the current World record at 138mph in 1981

<img src=""> ;

This 50cc machine tried to break the record in 1977 but didn't make it.

<img src="> ;

And this one owned the World record from 1965 up till 1981... at 131mph

<img src=""> ;

<img src=""> ;

They are all based on Kreidler engines.

Re: fast fast fast 50cc (try again)

(Try that pic again)

Here is the one that didn't make it in 1977

<img src=""> ;

Here is the one that owned the record at 131 from 1965 till 1981 at 131 mph.

<img src=""> ;

Re: fast fast fast 50cc (last try)

arrrrrrrrrgh !


The 1965 record holder

<img src=""> ;

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