Re: how to remove tomos flywheel without special tools?

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Oh man! I highly recommend getting the right tools, but you can get by without. Do you have a rubber mallet or a 3 jaw puller? You can sometimes grab them with a 2 or 3 jaw puller and yank it off that way, like a steering wheel puller

if not, theres the hammer trick. so I guess lets start with the nut, if you dont have a piston stop or something to hold the flywheel you can shove some rope or a cutoff bungee down into the spark plug hole to act as a piston stop. just be careful you dont thread too much in and get it down into the exhaust port or you can wind up trying to slice it and breaking a ring or something. It also puts stress on the crank but people use piston stops all the time so it's fine. Alternately you can jam a screwdrive through the flywheel holes and brace it against the stator to hold the flywheel, but you risk cracking the stator or shredding the coil wires so use caution and be cognizant of what you're bracing against.

then you can get the flywheel nut off.

now to get the flywheel off. if you've got a puller of some kind you can maybe make it work, i've gotten em with some bolts tucked under the flywheel windows using a harmonic puller or a puch style clutch puller, but if you've really got nothing - it's HAMMER TIME

basically the flywheel is press fit tight on a taper, you need to knock it off that taper, so gently rotating and tapping it can work. just bang on it evenly until it pops off. it works, i did it forever (til I realized how much easier and more reliable a puller was for $12 or whatever it costs...) hammering on it can theoretically damage the bearings and the crank but it realistically probably wont unless you're being an ass. a metal hammer can potentially affect the magnets and i've heard of people whacking it enough to crack the magnets so a rubber hammer is better but even a rock will do it - use what ya got.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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