Puch magneto cover emblem attachment


I just purchased a reflector and found that it has little attachment caps that somehow screw onto the four plastic post that stick out from behind the emblem but how are they supposed to get mounted so they don't fall off I'm thinking of gluing it with something

Re: Puch magneto cover emblem attachment

roy jongejan /

are you not supposed to melt the tips of the posts on the backside of the cover? like with a soldering iron? kinda like rivetting it in

Re: Puch magneto cover emblem attachment

So you've seen it done this way or personally I've done it this way before I take this medallion that I had difficulty finding and apply heat or anything to this antique

Re: Puch magneto cover emblem attachment

But I really like the idea of how it might have originally been done and just have to think about how more brittle this plastic is then when it was first manufactured But I like it I may try that but I think I'm going to get some sort of high temperature silicon glue type of thing and apply it on the back side and then bring those little tabs out and I could play with a soldering iron at that point.

Re: Puch magneto cover emblem attachment


Hope your nubs are long enough. Use a heated textured nail head and melt the end down a bit. Like said above. It’ll hold. If the nubs aren’t long enough to melt. You’ll have to get creative.

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