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I read WIKI looking for mag rims for my A3 Tomos ,since a pending deal apparently failed. No help at WIKI, but, I read Puch & Tomos are somehow related in production. So is it safe to assume; I could use Puch rims. Also may match up by manufacturers, but probably need hubs and such changed out. Any thoughts?

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Myrons is your go-to for wheel info. Tons of stuff to weed thru. Sure to find what you need to know.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

Puch and Tomos Wheels are not interchangeable. Puch has drive sprocket and brake on the same side, Tomos has them on the opposite sides. Tomos also requires a drive sprocket that Puch wheels cannot match.

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MLM swing-arms make wheels interchangeable. i put Tomos mags on my magnum. make sure to put the drive sprocket on the left!

DIY brake plate stop on the swing arm. space the wheel to the center, custom rear sprocket spaced to line up the chain. Feasible, but not easy. (edited)

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Good information. The search goes on 8)

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