Ode to a Junkmos

I've had this Junkmos for over 10 years now, and it has been one of the best mopeds I have ever owned. The spirit of the Junkmos is based more on an experiment to have an abusive relationship with my moped. Nothing is ever fixed correctly, bare minimum to stay running as cheap and rickity as possible. and somehow this has been one of the most reliable bikes I've ever owned. So I just wanted to give a shoutout to it. This bike has been all around the USA to different moped rallies, given as a loaner to many randos (and not randos). It has been jumped over many curbs, dirt hills, Etc.. It was a snowped with a skateboard bolted to the front forks for a season. It even won most of the drag races during a rally in RVA. it is not a slow bike. half of the random shit hanging off of the bike as already attached to it when I purchased the frame. there's still some original duct tape that looks like it used to hold the motor on! Here is the meticulous build sheet:

I purchased the rolling frame for $20 from a local who had found it ditched in the river. It had obviously been stolen at some point as it was many colors. and the vin was filed off.

I purchased an a35 bottom end in mystery condition off MA for $60 shipped. and bolted it directly on the bike without touching anything.

I purchased a used kit from a friend for $40 and spray painted it gold. and bolted it on with a chopped up Arisal head.

I put a used 16:16 on it with a drilled out stock intake and a used set of carbon reeds I had lying around

It originally sported a very premo "Twins Turbo" not to be confused with BiTurbo, exhaust. that later got replaced with a used Estoril pipe. the exhaust mount is some dumb SAE wrench nobody would have used. ( it used to be a door knocker)

The headlight blew out and is now a USB battery powered Wish work light glued into a housing, the tail light burnt out so I drilled in the top of it and wired another light in.

Why am I making this post? Because simply...this shitty super abused, incorrectly repaired, Junk ass bike has brought me WAY more joy then most of the fancy shiny rare and cool bikes I have owned and built in the past.

This photo was taken last week, after I did the first "real" work to it. which was replacing a tired ring with a non tired used ring. and checking the clutch. the clutch was miraculously perfectly fine. and the cylinder didn't have a mark in it.

I highly encourage everybody to build a really shitty bike that you don't have to worry( too much) about. and only has to take you down the road. no worries about scratches and dents, no worries about parts breaking, no worries about someone stealing it. just a good ol' human moped abusive relationship.

junkmos 2.jpg

Re: Ode to a Junkmos

Sir Christopher BLKBLK /

I'm going to try to dig up some older photos too.

Re: Ode to a Junkmos

Sir Christopher BLKBLK /

some oldskool


Re: Ode to a Junkmos

Yup, remember riding it a couple of times.

Re: Ode to a Junkmos


Hell yea. reminds me of Angel's tomos I had the pleasure of riding in NOLA a few times

Re: Ode to a Junkmos

This thing is so Garbo but it runs great, I bought it just for beating around the farm. Needs some knobby tires. There are so many things on it I should fix but ehhhhhhhhhhh


Re: Ode to a Junkmos

There's something about mopeds you just haphazardly slap together, they always run forever and rip.

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