HPI flywheel universality?

Jack Hernandez /

Are HPI mini-rotors mostly universal?

I pieced together an HPI mini on my hobbit, but the flywheel is from a puch. It is running like shit. Could be why?

Re: HPI flywheel universality?

Dirty30 Dillon /

They're not universal, as the tapers all differ

Re: HPI flywheel universality?

if the taper is the same, you wont be able to use the woodruff key slot, but noone uses those anyway

Re: HPI flywheel universality?

Terbo Speghetti /

There's probably no keyway on a mini rotor. And yes, this is why your bike runs like shit. If I had to bet, the flywheel is cocked and only holding on one side because it's taper is different. And even if the taper is the same, it might not sit far enough back on the crankshaft to induce the needed current in the coils. Also do they rotate the same direction?

Ignition swapping is possible, but not without a lotta picky attention to detail and likely some pretty involved machining

Re: HPI flywheel universality?

looking at treatland, there are separate ignitions for Hobbit and Puch. you could also just go look at HPI's website

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