Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

Someone stole my 1999 silver Aprilia Scarabeo 50 from in front of my apartment near W. Stadium, here in Ann Arbor sometime between midnight and 11:00 am today, July 4th. It has a silver body with a brown seat. I added a windshield and a brown box. The steering column was locked. Other details:

VIN: ZD4PFF008XS000136

Odometer: less than 3,000 miles.

year: 1999

Utah License plate: 987GT

Please keep an eye out. Any info or help would be appreciated.




Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

Reeperette /

Will keep an eye out for it, at least on the east side over here.

I catch someone with it, you might get their head as a bonus....I HATE ped-thieves.

Will also inform the locals I know.


Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

How fast was the aprilla? Did you have any mods? That's one of the new bikes I'm looking at.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

chuck russo va /

did you only have the stearing colum locked? or did u also ahve a cable lock?

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

Dan Webber Kastner /

I emailed all the Ann Arbor Moped Army members. they will keep an eye out.



Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

I think Izzy only had the steering column locked. Someone picked it up and put it in a truck.

It seems like in Michigan, people steal mopeds to ride around the city.. freshly stolen

In Maine, I assume that any stolen 50cc bike gets brought to a camp, surrounded by dirt roads, where no plates are needed. Maine has small cities, so it would be really dumb to steal a bike and ride it in the town it was stolen from.

Nobody on a dirt road will care that your fork lock is drilled out and you've hotwired the starter. Worse... you know whoever stole your vehicle and brought it to the campground did so, with the primary intention of letting their kids or themselves abuse it right into the scrap pile.

That's Maine. In Michigan, it seems like you just need to hang around the Qwik-E-Mart until the goon on your moped pulls up. Or maybe it just SEEMS that way, cause you guys are so darn good at getting the bikes back.


Good luck. A lesson that no key in the ignition with Forks locked isn't enough. Chained to an immovable object with elevator cable.... and your moped mght still be there in the morning, although it may have been beaten up by the kids who couldn't steal it.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

I hadn't modified it yet. It topped out at about 45 mph.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

I had a pretty good cable that attaches to the body and can be looped around another object, but there is really nothing to loop it around in front of our apartment. I normally just loop it through the back wheel as a deterrent. The sucky thing is we were already planning on moving to a place witha garage in 5 days to avoid just this type of thing.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

Thanks, Dan. If I ever find those sons of bitches, I'll run 'em down. My only consolation comes in the hopes that whoever stole it seriously injures himself while riding it.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

I'll bet someone stole it on their way to their cabin in the Upper Peninsula. They probably plan on beating it to death and leaving it up there for vacations.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

minutemade /

i imagine you'll get it back just wait till they think its safe to ride it around.its not like its a bike or a car and parts are interchangeable. getting stuff stolen is a regular occurance around here cuz like a friend said "why shop at k-mart when you can shop at jc pennys"

i was riding around town and a seen a bike just like one that was stolen from a friend it was painted red but i took my moped key and put a semi deep scratch in it it was blue same color as my next time i see it the boys going to have to walk home.i hate theives after having a custom bike i built stolen i've bought a new one after that but still don't like it as much seeming how the last one was tailored completely to me and what i wanted.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

Keep the hope... it could be local punks. I didn't mean to stir you up with the "maine" scenario... Sucks totally.... I sympathize because I was/am looking at those and they are something else.

FYI, I never secure my moped, except at college, but I do store it's safe at work, and anywhere else I'm only in for a few minutes in daylight. If I go to the movies, I bring a lock though.

What an ironic drag that you almost had a place to store it....

Heavy 4th of july traffic..... drunks, amateurs and idiots... totaly crappy timing.

Someone had good luck putting up reward posters.... if you could get a pic of that model and offer a reward... you know how thieves turn on each other...andhope that there are a few good people with good eyes in between.

Re: Stolen Aprilia Scarabeo - Ann Arbor

I had already though about the "Maine" scenario, since so many people were leaving for the extended weekend vacation. I am going to post some flyers. Luckily, I took a ton of photos last summer. There is actually a taxi cap depot right across the street. I might post something over there. They are always parking right in front of our place. We are also right by the post office. Of course, it could have been one of the cabbies or mailmen. In any case, thanks for all the advice, everyone.


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