hutchinson GP1 size

My forks can only fit a 2.50 tire. I’m running michelanne gazelles that are 17x2.25. On my calipers they are 2.5 wide. Anyone know the GP1s measure up? Like is a 2.5 a 2.5 or does it end up being 2.75

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i dont know, my feels is that you'll be OK, the gazelle has a wide profile in order to give it a milder radius, hutchs are tighter but theyre kinda still wide. yea i guess you can wait til someone chimes in. if the limit is the fender sometimes you can bend or roll them out or shave the peaks on the tire to make one fit

Re: hutchinson GP1 size

Some of the guys that run a big shaft drive Honda that want a bigger tire than the shaft will allow simply shave the outer edge of the tread . The chicken strip .

That part that will only meet any type of pavement when the wheel is laying totally flat on the ground or maybe if a road racer has enough hair to have metal sparking in curves . ;) (edited)

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I just measured my new GP1 2 1/2 and the calipers show them to be 2 1/2 side to side.

They are mounted and inflated (edited)

Re: hutchinson GP1 size

Sam Lloyd /

You’re the shit. Thank you

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