So I have a cimatti city bike and want to know what’s the best oil to run in it, I live in California and finding non detergent oil is a no go, I’ve looked into ordering it but even then majority of the places won’t ship to cali. I found a place that has some mineral oil but I didn’t want to take the risk without consulting the army. Appreciate all advice and input In Advance.

Re: Oil

Recently picked up a cimatti city bike and it recommends running non detergent oil but here in California that’s unheard of to the point where they won’t ship it either, I found a spot that has mineral oil is that my solution?


Re: Oil

Ace hardware. 30w ND in stock all the time for about 3 bucks. It's used in big air compressors and other industrial engines.

Every Ace hardware I've walked into in southern California has it.

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You only need to run ND oil in transmissions that use rubber clutches. The only bikes I know like that are garelli. Cant you use a standard motor oil in a minirelli? Like the puch tranny?

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Minarelli motors call for ND-20w oil. Most people use ND-30w due to the limited availability of ND-20w.

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