Do Bing 15s have value?

roots to wings /

Recently acquired a junker maxi that came with an original bing 15 and a bing 15 clone with 217/82 and 222/57. They both seem inappropriate for a 14mm port with a 12mm intake. Do they have any value as FS items? Seems like bing 15s suck on nonkitted bikes, whereas 14s are ok. Thinking I should either go back to the original bing 12 that was in the bike, or a 14, or get a Dellorto.

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

Yeah sell them all day long on the B/S forum.

And you can get a 14mm intake to match up better to the 15. You then bore out the intake and the cylinder intake port to make it closer to 15mm.

You also can use it as it is, just down jet to closer to what would be in the 14 or 12 that came on the bike originally.

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /

Keep them carbs! Grab an intake, even a 14. Way better

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

ya they suck on stockers. yes they are $$ just look em up on treats.

14 bing with 222 atomizer, 60s jet, ,14 mm intake, hi flow air filter, cleaned axhaust rips pretty hard for stocker

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Don't let the secret out, but you can clamp a 15 bing onto a stock Derbi FR intake and it's great.

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

I bored out a 12 to 15+ and dressed it with the appropriate atomizer, jet,etc.

Stock cyl with mild porting and a Boss

It ran amazing.

If you plan on doing any mods at all to that stock cylinder, keep the 15 and run it. With a bigger intake though.

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

RZ Namllow /

I'll paypal you $40 for that original 15 bing today if you want to sell it.

Re: Do Bing 15s have value?

last 14 i got Ipaid $5 for it.

but yea I'd spend 30 or 40 on a 14 or a 15, pretty much anytime i need a bing

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