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I’ve been looking through the archives and finding several individuals that have done them in the past, but, is there someone CURRENTLY who will do custom decals?

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Depending on what you need. like Vinyl decals. I can do them. let me know.

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I can make some full color deals on a fleet wrap material with latex based inks. They resist fading 5x longer than inkjet or laser printing. The adhesive is very weather resistant and if you put a good clear coat over everything then it should last a really long time. We have had vehicles wrapped for 4yrs with little fading and only some cracking. But that is daily in the AZ sun which is crazy hard on decals.

I can get the specific design done as well if needed.

PM me if interested.

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Blake Totally a real doctor /

Kevin Swoops has a vinyl plotter and a crazy $22k roland printer that's full color.

I've loaded him up with several files. He does apparel as well. (edited)

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I have a small viynl plotter. I can do decals and iron on transfers.

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MOPITT no nips Al /

Thanks you all, I’m going to message a couple of yinz in the morning. However, currently, my issue is that I am NOT having an easy time finding the vector or even a template for this particular set of Monza GT decals. Hoping I can find someone with leads on that soon in order to move forward with a custom color-schemed set.


Re: Custom Decals

Hell yeah, update this thread as you go plz. I'm all about custom decals :D

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