Lazer Sport Tail Light question

Have all lights working on my 77 lazer, noticed tail light bulb has dual filament, i want to confirm that the tail light should be on with the front light, not just working when brakes are applied. Just wondering if someone has one and might know.. looks like could be a yellow wire issue somewhere. Also anyone add on an ignition switch/key? Id like to do that, optimally would like to get my hands on a general forklock that has it built in.

Re: Lazer Sport Tail Light question

Yes. Tail lights are required on all vehicles, although I believe it should be on all the time. Even if the headlight isnt on. One fillament should always be on, one should come on with the brake.

Adding an ignition switch is trivial and super easy. Look for a wiring diagram, put a keyed switch on the kill wire from the ht coil.

Re: Lazer Sport Tail Light question

jeff forty /

Ok thanks just wanted to make sure that is should be on , figured adding ignition / key would be easy

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