1960 motobecane EEG.16

Picked this up and was told it’s from the uk and was very rare. All original, everything works and runs great. Can anyone give me some thoughts about it ?


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Looks clean enough .

Maybe reposition the front fender .

Gotta be worth 50 bucks . ;)

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Dirty30 Dillon /

Despite having some special Euro parts (taillight, headlight, covers maybe) it's basically the same as any Moby 40t.

I would not pay "rare bike" prices for it. I would pay $300 for it, but in metro area I would say you're probably looking at $500-600 price tag.

If he starts higher than that, it's probably a no-win negotiation from there.

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Pushrod Fifty /

Great score! It looks awesome.

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

1970 maybe, definitely not 1960.

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

$300 is what I’m getting it for

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Stop posting and go get it!!!

> Brian Terrell Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> $300 is what I’m getting it for

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

I have it along with a Peugeot FX-10 racing bicycle from the 60’s. Did the number help you determine the exact year of the moped


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Well done son! That was a good score.

There is no factory register of frame serials nor engine coins from Kaptein. The coins were tracked at Paint in factory in France, but the licenced shops outside of France had their own serialization schemes.


Take a look see on the carby. There is a code stamped in the plate above the fuel bowl or the bowl. This example AR2.12-729 H-04/80 shows it is a AR2-12 carb (12 is the diameter of the bore so 12mm) built on assembly line H on April 1980. Gurtner built the carbs on a "on demand" basis so they are within one or two months of the actual moped build.


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Took carb off. Assuming it’s a 1967 ??


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Yes that is the AR2-8,7 revision 679 from line C September 1967. The carb is 8,7mm bore so that will be a 30km/h rated bike.

So that bike is actually a AV46 from 1967, so indeed it is rare as it is one of the first with their 'new' (at the time) 3,8 litre monocoque frames, the sister bike was the AV59 with rear suspension.

Carb IPC page


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Rebel Moby comes through again


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

All set and cleaned up


Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

^that's beautiful!

Re: 1960 motobecane EEG.16

Thank you for your kind words.

That is an excellent cycle you have scored, enjoy.

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