Another Long Trip = Another QT50

614 miles round trip from Upstate NY to Hershey PA area for this 1987 QT with only 597 miles. All the plastic pieces are there, doesn't run but that's ok. It will soon. I decided to take my Camry instead of my thirsty Escape mainly to see if I could stuff a QT into the trunk with half the back seat removed. ( If it didn't I'd just keep taking it apart until it did fit !). I did take the gas tank and the rear rack off the bike and drained the trans oil. And of course the Camry can do the trip on half the gas the Escape would need. But the BEST ASPECT of the whole trip is that with the acquisition of this black one I now have all 4 colors that Yamaha painted these in over the course of production. I'll get the correct frame decals and a Yamaha mirror for the accurate finishing touch. " My Life Is Complete- No Worlds Left To Conquer"


Re: Another Long Trip = Another QT50

Looks like a nice clean bike . ;;)

Re: Another Long Trip = Another QT50

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I think you should broaden your collection now to include the towny line up!

I love that black, I’ve had 2 red ones, a blue, and a nappy yellow. Yet to find a black one.

Re: Another Long Trip = Another QT50

Oh no Jimmy- don't get me thinking about that!!!! I have to stop filling the garage at some point. How many different colors did Towny's come in? Please don't answer. !!!!!!

Re: Another Long Trip = Another QT50

Jessie Paull /

I would be delighted if this "stuff it in the Camry" idea struck you because we crammed the Hero Panther into my Subaru. Gotta love how compact mopeds are, man.

Edit: congrats on the QT50 pickup! Looks like a real nice addition to the collection (edited)

Re: Another Long Trip = Another QT50

Jessie- yea it did.

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