Puch maxi clicking noise

I have a 1972 puch maxi. Im actually out on a small evening ride right now and i noticed something strange. When i give gas, a sort of clicking noise appears (mostly in lower RPMs) the noise comes in small bursts or intervalls.

When i had ridden it for a small while, i stopped the moped. And when i started it shortly after, it almost wouldnt run, it almost couldnt keep itself running. But when i tried again, it started right up and ran fine. But the noise is still there.

Well well, ill continue my ride now.

What can it be? Thanks :-)

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

Pushrod Fifty /

I had that same noise come about on my Maxi way back when. It was the ears of the manifold that warped, creating an air leak. Sounded like an old car with detonation issues.

I resurfaced the manifold on a plate of glass with 220 wet sand paper and replaced the gasket. It was fine after.

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

I used to get a lean detonation sound on my maxi too.

Just rolled off the throttle until it quit. Those carbs aren’t perfect. If you’re going slow, you shouldn’t be holding it wide open. Especially up hill. It will only go so fast. So roll off throttle until you feel like you’re slowing down then give it just a bit more.

Sorry, definitely check for air leaks too.

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

Sounds right. Because im 110% sure theres air leaks. And uphill it does it even more, so its probably a combination of both.

Soo, on yours the intake manifold warped? Im gonna check mine tomorrow.

Also, bonus question: today i changed the jet to a 64, and it runs almost perfectly. And downhill, i hit 50 km/h . Is it normal that they go that fast stock? Its an old generation one e50 completely stock, nothing changed. (Exept for the jets ofcourse) i just think that it has a lot of power. Is it stock like the previous owner said?

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

The air leaks want a bigger jet to compensate for the extra air. You may be over jetted once you button up the leaks. A small exhaust leak could also cause this sound. Make sure your gasket hasnt blown out and that your nuts are tight still.

10mm socket/wrench all around for the engine.

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

Thanks! Ill set my alarm early and go out and work tomorrow morning :-)

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

Pushrod Fifty /

If updated and tuned, they can be pretty ballsy mopeds with stock jug and pipe. Mine was derestricted ftom the moped wiki, new stock replacement air filter and stuffed crank, new bearings and seals and it did 40.

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

ok, update.

the "clicking noise" is definetely some kind of air leak. i kept driving around with it and now its more of a loud backfire ish sound.Im guessing maybe base gasket, head gasket or exhaust gasket. Which one do you think it is?

and if it is the head gasket, what can cause that gasket to break? because i changed that gasket a couple months ago, so it shouldt break already huh? i didnt torque the bolts to spec since i dont have a torque-wrench, i just tightened them really hard...

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise


Don’t tighten them really hard. Ever.

It should be tightened down in a crisscrossing pattern a little at a time.

I don’t use a torque wrench because experience lets me feel it. I could give more detail if you want.

Anyhow, I’ve blow out a head gasket before and I think it had something to do with how tight it was on the studs. Like, it was already under strain from the holes being too close.

Maybe had nothing to do with it at all.

A blown he’d gasket makes a distinct sound. From my experience the engine will not run.


Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

If you want to get an accurate answer, can you post a video, or link to one, of the sound?

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

ok. thanks!

well i did not tighten them HARD hard, i just did it so it felt right. and i did tighten in a criss cross pattern. im starting to lean against a blown exhaust gasket. - because since just recently i had a pedal-arm from a bicycle on the moped, and it sligtly hit the exhaust when I used the pedals. So my guess now is that the old pedal hit the exhaust out of place and maybe caused an exhaust leak where the piston and exhaust meet.

i am currently not in the place where my moped is so i cant take a video atm, and i cant really find any video that resembles the sound that it makes. :-)

Re: Puch maxi clicking noise

The most accurate answer will be offered when you tear the motor apart to see , with your very own eyes , what the problem actually is .

Anything else is just a guess . About like buying a lotto ticket . ;)

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