Please help!!

I have a 70s ish motobecane moped.

The problem I'm having is that its really hard to pedal and turn over, to start the motor, (decomp works but still difficult). The bike runs good when it's going but isn't nearly getting as much lower as my other ones. Any suggestions as to why I might be having these issues? (Points are clean, new plug, clean piston and head, has good compression, new gaskets so I don't think there's any air vacum/air leaks)


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why the multiple threads??

Re: Please help!!

what do you mean?

Re: Please help!!

> Troy Place Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> what do you mean?

Is this the same problem as :,4375647,4375651,flat=1#msg-4375651 (edited)

Re: Please help!!

No, it's the same picture yes, that's because i have multiple. This problem is with a different bike

Re: Please help!!

clean that decompression valve

Re: Please help!!

Take out the spark plug and see if it is easier to pedal over, if yes then it is the decompression passageway likely coked up.

If not really easier then start to look at the pedal shaft needing lube or the brakes dragging...

Nice collection of Cadys BTW

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