Puch Newport II Upgrading Performance Help

Evan Faucher /

I am looking to try and get more speed out of my 1980 Newport II with the ZA50, I get about 30 if I am on a flat/kinda downward hill and want to get it to 40-45 as cheap as possible, but willing to buy nice parts when necessary. My goal is to try and keep it looking as original as possible because I love the look. What are the best upgrades I should do to try and keep the look close to the same, but get some higher speeds?? Thank You!

Re: Puch Newport II Upgrading Performance Help

Search the forums this gets asked and answered once a week.

In order of easy / cheap / slowest to fastest

1. Replace your shift pucks (do this anyway) and flip second.

2. Pipe and upjet

3. New 50cc top end and upjet

Re: Puch Newport II Upgrading Performance Help

Probably Fred /

“Cheep job, fast job or good job! Pick one!”

You could get a few more mph for cheap but if you want to hit that 40-45mph mark with complete reliability and Safety It’s gonna take time and money,

You have basically have to blueprint Your engine/kit/ignition/carb/exhaust as well as your brakes, suspension and tires

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