Running on alcohol

Running on alcohol seems like a neat little thing to try for my moped. The one thing thats stopping me though is the oil mix. I have a gallon or so of denatured ethyl alcohol (ethyl with a bit of methyl to make it poisonous) sitting around. I took a bit out and tried mixing it with some 2-stroke oil. It definately does not dissolve well into it. If i shake it really good i can get the oil into tiny tiny suspended droplets, but most of it falls down to the bottom after a bit. Would methanol (like the kind you get from the pump at the gas station) dissolve it better? I'm using synthetic oil. Does this make a difference? would regular oil dissolve? I'd really like to try messing with alcohol as a fuel, but i dont want to risk my engine due to lack of lubrication.

RE: Running on alcohol

You might try mixing nine parts of regular gasoline with one part of alcohol, then adding as much oil as required. I've learned that they used to produce the so called gasohol when regular gas was in short supply (this was written in Microsoft Encarta). As to my personal experience, once we played a joke on some guy, adding some propanol into his fuel tank. He never understood why his moped ran so unusually fast...

RE: Running on alcohol

Reeperette /

Contact a local hobby shop that deals with model airplanes.

They might know, since some of them run a high percentage mix.


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