1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

Northking /

Bought a 1994 Tomos Targa LX yesterday (first moped). While checking it out, noticed a few issues and would like some advice please from experienced owners:

(1) Throttle is very tight-- and you need to work the throttle back and forth in order to keep the engine from dying while waiting at a traffic light.

(a) Is the problem the throttle alone--or the throttle and the carburetor?

(b) How much should it cost to get it fixed at a dealer? There is a good one nearby.

(c) I'm a person of modest mechanical skills (OK on interest, but short on experience, and VERY short on available time). Is the throttle something I can replace--and is it something I want to get into?

(2) Speedometer not working. What's the typical culprit?

(3) Is there a website that posts parts and pricing for Tomos Targa LX?



Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

dude i have a 95 targa lx. and i had the same problems with mine. best thing to do is check the idle screw placed on the rite side of the carb. make sure the throttle is closed. turn it clock wise 1-2 turns maybe less. than try starting it. it should run w/o u giving it gas. if it doesnt turn it again until it does. that will solve your problem at lights. for ur throttle being tight. i would say losing the little nut on the top of the carb. where the throttle cable meets would maybe help you. it could also be the screw rite near your throttle itself.( on the handlebars) . you can try these. im not sure if they will help you. but let me know and i will try to help yah know.


Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

david f martin /

I don't know specifics about your Targa, but I can offer some general advice...

See if you can get some WD-40 into the throttle cable. It might have some rust or dirt in there putting the cable in a bind...

You should be able to disconnect the speedo cable from the speedo. Spin the front wheel and see if the cable turns. If not, you probably have a broken cable. If the cable does spin, the problem is in the speedo head. Has this bike been parked outside?

As for idling, check out Fred's guide in the Resources section.


Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

I have a 2001 Targa LX and my speedometer also stopped working. There is a straight, flat pin that fits into a little notch on my front wheel. Somehow it had been bent back and was no longer set into the notch. So I just bent it back into the notch and now the speedometer works fine. The advice about the spinning cable is excellent: you can disconnect the cable underneath the speedometer gauge to see whether or not it spins when you spin the tire. Something to watch for: If that speedometer has been broken--perhaps for years--then the odometer reading is incorrect, so don't trust anything the seller says about low mileage. In fact, it's so easy to disconnect the odometer on a moped that you can never really be sure how many miles it has (must trust the seller). Have fun!

Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

Those Tomos throttles on the handlebar are pretty crappy... they use a funky setup where a little 'slide' piece that the cable clamps to ... rides back and forth in a ramped groove.

The problem is when it wears a loose spot on the bottom... its hard as hell to get it to slide up the groove... it gets stuck at the bottom.

I temporarily fixed Ree's by adjusting the cable for more slack... and put a bunch of grease in it to let it slide easier.

Ree... did you ever make that better?... If yes.. what did you do to fix it ?

Re: 1994 Tomos Targa LX-Throttle problems

Reeperette /

>>Ree... did you ever make that better?... If yes.. what did you do to fix it ?<<

By the looks of it, there's not all that much one can do to fix it, but since I have like...3 throttle assemblies, I might just swap it out.

Currently I am still running it as-is, since I haven't had the extra time to fiddle with that, but I might on Mon-Tues when I get out there and start messing with the mixture too.


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