50cc carb sources/recomendations?

Help! My old Keihin "PA" Series carb (for my Honda 50cc Gyro S) won't hold gas because I broke it (please don't ask how) The dealer said they are discontinued and can't be replaced, so I'm looking on line for parts - I'm even considering an upgrade - but don't know if it is a good option. Any suggestions?

Re: 50cc carb sources/recomendations?

1970s honda ct70 s had a pa series carb on them, where is it broken. Dan

Re: 50cc carb sources/recomendations?

The main body is cracked - there is a leak inside the float chamber that leads directly into the port, bypassing the jet tubes. Its trashed- At first I thought it was the float & valve because it flooded, I replaced them with new parts and it seated properly. I found the leak by sealing the jets, filling the bowl with water and watching it empty out into the carb port like a toilet flushing when I put my shopvac hose on the carb port outlet...

Do you know if a newer carb - Like the PE series would work on a 50cc?

Re: 50cc carb sources/recomendations?

How about posting a picture of carb.


Have you tried looking on www.50cc.nl ?

How do you like your Gyro? They look pretty cool.

Re: 50cc.nl

steven-nj /

Hey, I got a Gyro too. from what I have learned, it is very similar to other honda 50cc mopeds and scooters. Like the spree, aero, gyro x,etc. Try to find a carb for one of those on E-bay or something.GK wrote:


> Have you tried looking on www.50cc.nl ?


> How do you like your Gyro? They look pretty cool.

Re: 50cc.nl

Thanks for your comments! I looked at www.50cc.nl - and other sites but there is not much out there on tuning/using alternate carbs on a gyro. There is a newer carb used on some 2002 honda- the Keihin PB series that sells for $109 brand new - uses a mechanical choke that might work well, but I was just given a Mikuni 18mm carb that may work even better though, so I 'm making a little adapter to attach it to the intake manifold right now - I'll post an update on my progress soon...

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