Hobbit vs Express durability.

How do they compare are Hobbits as tough as the express? Is the subframe and belt drive weaker?

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

Neither are very tough at all. The Express has a whimpy offset monoshock swing arm design and the Hobbit is flimsy as fuck if used off-road. Both were designed for street use only as stated in their owners manual.

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

Subframe and wheels definitely feel more flexible on the hobbit beacause of the larger wheels and stamped subframe. Hobbit front end feels more stable because of the triple tree and bar clamp style forks. I can tell you from expreience that you dont want to hit the trails or jumps on either one without substantial suspension upgrades.

Oh yea, the express pegs bend very easily if stand on them much.

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

I jump my Hobbit off of ramps in my alley, speed bumps, curbs, etc. and it hasn't crumbled yet

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

Dirty30 Dillon /

Yeah, I ran a chopped up hobbit subframe in DirtCross 1&2 and it was completely fine.

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

Terbo Speghetti /

Hobbit wins this, but a couple of express frames are reasonably sturdy.

Urban express or express sr will eventually bend tho

Re: Hobbit vs Express durability.

Hobbit is a bit tougher but neither is worth a darn off pavement.

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