adjustable main jet

Jack Rutherford /

I was telling a friend about the adjustable main jet I bought for the VM20. I nicknamed it the dial-a-jet and kept calling it that. So he now wants one and is telling me, he found one that will work on any carburetor.

I'm like - what? It only works on vm20 and vm22 that I know.

So he sends me here:

I guess he doesn't want to buy an intake and a new carb and is looking for a cheap alternative. I'm thinking this is bogus - maybe others can share their questions, comments, points of concern.

Re: adjustable main jet

Dirty30 Dillon /

Firstly, he's not really saving money, given that that Dial-A-Jet's are 80-120 bucks.

Secondly, that isn't a main jet replacement. It's basically a PowerJet that you can dial in. You still need to run and tune in a main jet.

Also, this won't really work on the majority of moped carbs, as the atomizer has to hang in from of the venturi in order to function.

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