NC50 meteor piston instqll

Installed meteor piston but now all I’m getting is pinging with no fire at all? There were 5-6 threads with this info on how to fix but I can’t find, ive asked two websites now and no help. I know it’s the wrong piston but how tf do I work with what I have? As you can see i have added 2 head gaskets and a layer of gasket maker roll in between but still ping ping ping smaller spark plug size I could use with my head maybe? (edited)


Re: NC50 meteor piston instqll

I know nothing about a meteor....Looks like you bought a Piston with the wrong pin spacing.

You don't space the head gasket ever. Space the base gasket. Grab a cereal box and get cutting.

Re: NC50 meteor piston instqll

Terbo Speghetti /

Get your old piston and get your new piston next to each other. If the distance from the wrist pin hole to the top of the piston isn't identical, you probably got the wrong one by accident.

What exactly does a "ping" sound like to you? Can you see any marks on the piston crown?

What does it feel like when you turn the engine over by hand? Try that with the spark plug in, but again with the spark plug out. Sometimes the plug is what the piston hits.

Make sure you aren't running an extra long spark plug too, good idea to check what it looks like in the head from the inside whole you've got it off.

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