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I've got 5 mopeds, none of which are running. 3 QT50s, Tomas Sprint and a JC Penny Pinto. After reading many messages here, I get the impression that maybe more time is spent wrenching on a moped than riding it. I'm 69 years old and just want to ride. My question is this. Should I liquidate all of them and buy a Honda Metropolitan scooter that I won't have to mess with OR work to get at least one the mopeds running?

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Combine all 3 qt50s to one good one if neccessary

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Modern name-brand scooters are way easier and more reliable than mopeds, that's just a fact of life. If you want to ride all the time and wrench never then that is your best bet.

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I ran a JC Penney Pinto for 6 years with mostly stock parts and that’s after it sat for 30 years, all I did was clean the carburetor, change the transmission oil, new tires, simple maintenance and a few performance mods.

If in ok shape I recommend using that bike,.

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I've been riding my Suzuki FA50 for the last 10 years whenever I want . Only having to add gas and oil . I had to fix a flat a few years ago . Oh , I pinched an oil line and had a seizure that I had to remedy a while back . Still running the same piston and ring from that fiasco . And , I have to replace a rear axle seal , as that has finally developed a seepage . That should take removing one nut and two screws , dang it . (edited)

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Tough call, I would go with the Pinto unless its a basket case, pretty simple bike, the modern scooter is more reliable, but more difficult to learn to ride safely due to smaller wheels, unless Honda has upgraded, look for a Yamaha, some of them are fuel injected. Harder to work on yourself. I bought a scooter last winter, so much more comfy than my mopeds, but it has almost killed me getting used to the odd riding position & tiny wheels, if you have scooter experience maybe that is the best bet, if not much riding experience, I would go with the moped, hell I would go with the moped anyway, much cooler looking than a scooter... :) Whats wrong with your bikes? There is a repair forum here, where you can ask questions, there is also a wiki with tons of information on both models you have.

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if u wanna ride a moped before your done and not wrench i'd trade those three qt's for one runner and the other 2 for another runner.

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