Tried to organize my jets


I finally made an attempt to keep these straight. I need extreme magnification to even see the Bing numbers. If anyone is interested I'll upload the spreadsheet.

Re: Tried to organize my jets

the term cool your jets came from the P2 Neptune aircraft use after World War II as a sub Hunter it had to radial engines and two outboard jet engines after takeoff they would turn the jet engines off the cool your jets that's where it came from. (got me thinking about this)

Re: Tried to organize my jets

I really like this thing you have made. I want to make one myself. My problem is I have four 74 dells and maybe three 92 dells.

I opted for this pill organizer and separate by 10s.

Places for pilots and needles too plus rare bing style.


Re: Tried to organize my jets

I did a crude version of that for Bing jets a while back. Yours is way better. Mine is just corrugated cardboard, with the jet number written, and holes poked below the number with a pencil.

I also do the small compartments by 10’s for Dellortos.


Re: Tried to organize my jets

Probably Fred /

With the exception of some goofball brand odd size jets I just have basically four brands of carb jets mostly, I rarely ever use small size 40s-50s 1hp jets or huge motorcycle size jets

I just keep the sizes that I use/are most used separate ready to use like bing # 68-74 jets for 12-14mm carbs pp kits/cylinders and mesh filter (I have all the stock sizes per carb number also)

#78-80 size for 15mm bing pp kits/cylinders and mesh filter,

For 15mm bing and reed kits, mesh filter #84-90 size

For dellorto sha #60-62, for 12.14 on tomos with a35 reed cylinder and filter, #68-72 for 14.14 carbs and keep all the stock sizes together too,

I use #92-96 for 19mm phbg carbs on puch and tomos reed kits with mesh filter

6mm dellorto phva jets #58-64, for tomos for a55-14mm phva carbs with mesh filter

For dellorto phbg 19-21mm carbs on reed kits, I use #98-102 size, TM 24mm mikuni I keep #150-165 for gila reed kits and a few sizes larger for polini kits,

Other applications, cylinder kits and stuff I don’t have notebook in front of me now but rando tiny or large jets/other brands that are hardly used at all are not kept perfecto, most are kept separate from each brand so if some instance I have to use one which is rare I don’t have to look through 100’s of jets of every size and shape just a few of them

Re: Tried to organize my jets

You guys take all the fun out of it .

I just drop my jets into a zip lock baggie and keep a magnifying glass handy .

I guess , if I were into the jets everyday , separation might be just a tad easier . ;)

Re: Tried to organize my jets

Dirty30 Dillon /

I've tried to come up with a simple, effective way to store jets but I run into the duplicate problem way more then I like. A la: 8x #49 5mm Dell Jets, and 6x #180 Mikuni hex jets.

I got a case to sort of organize them, but all it took was a few well-meaning friends looking through there to have all the organization go to waste

Re: Tried to organize my jets

I too originally used pill boxes for this. As I finally learn how to tune 15MM Bings and their clones this helps. I'm farsighted and it just takes too long to read the Bing jets even with proper magnification. I still use pill boxes for extra jets and carb parts. I even discovered I have some 6MM Dellorto jets. I have never used these and have no idea where they came from. Ken, thanks for sharing your insight on jet ranges. Most helpful. Some of us are still not sure of what ballpark to start with in some situations.

In my continuing Bing education I was quite surprised how big a difference the needle setting makes. In my experiment, one clip difference made it a go or no go situation. I couldn't even make it up my driveway. Interesting...

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