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corypoopoo /

what does it mean when they say 2 piece biturbo and i just wanted to tell you that i got a new 2002 tomos sprint with biturbo and i am about 180lbs and i got it going 39-40 mph on level ground ty cory

Re: tomos biturbo

Reeperette /

The 2-piece adds an extra advantage on being able to select where you wish to apply the power, see.

Cause of the way such things work, sliding it longer or shorter affects where you get more boost on the two piece unit.

Shorter allows it to respond better at high RPM, giving you more on the top speed end, and longer allows more power-response at low RPM, resulting in better takeoff.

It's worth the lil bit extra to get the 2-piece, but I've heard it's best to weld it instead of clamping it to avoid leakage once you do have it set where you want it.


Re: tomos biturbo

IsLookingUp /

What is the spring clip in the rear of the biturbo for? Does it allow you to dissassemble the muffler part for cleaning? The muffler is rivited to the expansion chamber and there is a spring clip at the other end inside the tail pipe. I thoght if I removed the spring clip I would be able to slide the baffle out for cleaning.

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