Hero Majestic Panther Ign. Switch.

I don't know why they put an ignition switch in this moped as it has no battery, no extra wires going to the headlight and no charging coil wiring coming out of magneto. I like to restore back to OEM and with the original ign switch missing I want to put one back in. Only problem is that regular ign switches work the opposite of what I need here to ground out the CDI and coil to shut engine off. Does anyone know of an ignition switch that would allow ground to be broken when turned on and completed when turned off? Or am I making this more complicated than it is? Oh- it has a factory on/off switch on right handle assembly with a wire going to ign switch. (Not looking to wire it all together to just use handgrip switch)

Re: Hero Majestic Panther Ign. Switch.

Bob Naske /

Found correct one at DOS. After a couple of emails describing the above conditions they came up with one that matches the wires that remain in my harness and electrically it does what I need it to do for the grounding/no grounding key positions. This is a much more challenging project than any QT50 I've ever fixed.

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