Noob buys two vintage mopeds

I’m not going to lie I’m That guy. I just bought two vintage mopeds after an agreement with my wife. I sold the old 85 ford in hopes to convince my wife into a motor cycle. Bad move haha we meet in the middle with a moped. This thing proves to be a project for sure. And that’s exactly what I wanted. Something to mess around and rebuild to learn. Me going into this had zero experience other than riding my younger brothers Honda express while I was home on leave. So I was happy when I found a blanco minerelli for sale on the marketplace that needed work guy wanted $200 I showed up with $100 most of the top end was in a box and didn’t really know what I was looking for all I could tell was it was missing piston rings. Spent a lot of time on here researching found out what engine it was found rings online that was kinda of tricky but found them on lucky2strokes ordered them and top end gaskets put them all back together now I’m waiting for fuel petcocks to come in to keep messing with that one. But now I got on full send mode and found another moped 3 days later a 77 Columbia Sachs that ran! Witch is more than I can say about the blanco for now it needed a air filter and new tire tubes but came with brand new tires and a brand new exhaust I just got to put them on. He wanted $300 and I knew it was a long shot but I offered him $100 he said he was tired of all the questions come get it. he also threw in a brand new exhaust I know nothing about but would love to figure out how to mount it. Here’s my problem I had the Saches running and me wanting to be a damn perfectionist like when it came to the old fords carb I wanted to tweak it to perfection. Bad move couldn’t get it started again. I called my brother and told him what I did he laughed for 5 mins said good luck and hung up the phone haha. To make it worse I decided to start from scratch turned the idle screw and mixture screw all the way down. So if anyone has any advice on how to set these carbs or just any help on what I should be doing to get these things road worthy or if I got the shaft I’d love the help. I appreciate all the information I’ve found on here and I find it funny when you roast people on here it makes my day that people can be so savage over mopeds haha so I’m prepared to get roasted I’m not gunna have any hard feelings.


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Tldr, but two good scores.

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> Brandon Love Wrote:

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> Tldr,

Like you have anything else to do . LOL

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What did you tweek on the columbia? Have you checked if you have good spark ? i would order a set of points and condensor for the columbia..if the points look ok you might get by with fileing them ..check your gap...i set mine on .016 seems to work well on mine...i would replace the condensor either way.. (edited)

Re: Noob buys two vintage mopeds

your that dude that buys mopeds n takes the front wheel off.

on sachs, it might be decomp.

Re: Noob buys two vintage mopeds

Make sure your handlebar set to run .

Re: Noob buys two vintage mopeds

on the Columbia, the carb is a 12mm Bing, it doesnt have a mixture screw,

that is just your idle screw, so you didnt do anything too bad there, you probably just opened up the slide all the way,

turn it out almost all the way, it'll "choke" it and help you get it started.

Also search for Sachs Decomp. Theres a ton of info on both bikes on here.

Nice bikes BTW

Re: Noob buys two vintage mopeds

If you flooded the columbia at any time try a new spark plug also..i have had them look good but still won't start ....if nothing seems to help drop the exaust it might be clogged..

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