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Hi Justin, in response to your PM...

I figured I'd post here so others can maybe benefit...

Yeah, the Dakar carb is definitely a nicer carb...I took it off because I got to a point where it was not tuning very well for me...worked great, then didn't...anyway, if it works for you then awesome! As far as the slow take off, I've had success in the past by removing 3 of the balls from the Variator and then adding a star spring (so you have 2) definitely works but I feel it might put some strain on the whole vario so I usually go with just the 3 balls...You could also just get a launch lever to rev it out for take off. Basically, you're going to need to do your due diligence and do some research on the MA site. I like to tinker so for me it's fun, if you don't it can cause issues if you're just looking for quick fixes.

here is an article from Cheetah about the proper way to disassemble the vario and (more importantly) put it back together:

That being said, the vario can be tricky so follow the directions lock the crank, remove the sparkplug, stick some nylon rope down the sparkplug hole into the cylinder to prevent the piston from moving in the cylinder. then get your socket and remove the vario nut by turning CC...hold everything together with both hands to remove so that parts and pieces don't come falling out!

There are a ton of posts on modifying the vario on MA so you can just search for help.

Also, a lot of folks swear by this which is made by Cheetah for Treats...turns it into a pull start so no more starter clutches:

Also you can get this for the MBK cdi which makes your points setup obsolete and makes setting the timing really easy.

basically, if you want to start ripping you're gonna have to invest either

a) time and research

b) money

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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