Peugeot 103 Advice?

Justin Howell-Clarke /

Throwing this out there and hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. I don’t know much, so please feel free to dumb it down.

I have a Peugeot 103 that has a new airsal 50cc kit with new intake. Everything else is stock. I’ve just installed an Arbeo 15-15 carb this past weekend. Install went very easily. I have not made any adjustments to the carb except the idle screw. After install, it started immediately. It’s was idling very high so I backed out the screw just until the rear wheel stopped spinning or came to a very slow spin when up on stand. After taking it out for a ride, the only thing I’ve noticed is that it just starts easier. Nothing really with performance. I know there is a air mixture screw. I have know idea what and how that should be adjusted. I’m afraid of possibly burning up or seizing up the motor. Is that possible? I really thought there would be a little more pep in the bike. Also, it has always be slow to the start. But once your moving, she goes. I guess I’m looking for a little advice on what should be my next move. I would like to have it that it gets off the line a little quicker. I’m fine with the top speed of it. Any insight would be great for what to do next.


Re: Peugeot 103 Advice?

Beach Club Nick /

If you're running the stock exhaust that's gonna be a bottleneck. Also you need to do a plug chop, you can "burn up" the motor (seize) if you're running too lean. Don't fuck with the air adjustment, you need to change main jets in the carb

Re: Peugeot 103 Advice?

Did you re jet the carb? Carbs are universal really they do not come set up for your bike from the factory.

Oi you diddnt jet it quit riding until you do, it may seize the engine if your too lean. Might have already damaged it.

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Beach Club Nick /

I meant jet singular not plural, change the main jet in your carb.

Also if you didn't break in your kit properly you could be fucking it up

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Just interested, what difference were you looking for?

I recently changed the reeds, and gasket, intake and added the 15 sha to my otherwise stock 103.

I changed the main jet a bunch but went back to the 68 that came in it.

My exhaust is de-restricted, and the airfilter on the sha is down to very little.

This ped now takes off a lot stronger, goes up hills faster, and goes 37 or 38 on flat ground.

I haven't messed with the variator and balls and stuff.

Re: Peugeot 103 Advice?

Justin Howell-Clarke /

Thanks guys! So the 50cc kit was done a bit ago by the previous owner. I’ve ridden it a bunch since getting it so I would image it was broken in the proper way.

So after a little research the carb I put on this past weekend which was given to me by the previous owner it the dakar sha15mm.

I was also given this pipe which I thought I would throw on just to see what happens.

My plan it to run the new carb, with the extra exhaust I was given and do a plug chop. See what the results are. Possibly have to re jet the carb.

Re: Peugeot 103 Advice?

When first starting an unknown build, the choke lever can be your friend. once the bike has warmed up on the stand you can get an idea of your present rich/lean condition by slowly squeezing in the lever.. If the Rpms start to drop as soon as you move the lever in a tiny bit and the bike is on the verge of dying at 3/4 in then you should be safe to continue with other testing.

Then grab the thottle and twist it to about halfway and repeat the choke pull test. You should get about the same results.

If you do the half throttle chole test and you dont have a significant drop in RPM or rich blubbering at 3/4 choke pull or you cant kill the bike with full choke at half throttle then you are probably jetted way too lean or small.

This is just a poor mans ball park methed of finding a staring point

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Make sure the carb intake matches the carb and the case or it will be a choke point (no pun intended)

another thing to note...if you have the airsal kit with the third eye on the back of the cylinder you could carefully Dremel out the case to allow more charge into the system but that's gonna be scary if you're new to peds…

I bought the airsal 50 for my first pug and didn't see much increase in performance...went to the 70 kit and BIG difference!

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Hi Justin, in response to your PM...

I figured I'd post here so others can maybe benefit...

Yeah, the Dakar carb is definitely a nicer carb...I took it off because I got to a point where it was not tuning very well for me...worked great, then didn't...anyway, if it works for you then awesome! As far as the slow take off, I've had success in the past by removing 3 of the balls from the Variator and then adding a star spring (so you have 2) definitely works but I feel it might put some strain on the whole vario so I usually go with just the 3 balls...You could also just get a launch lever to rev it out for take off. Basically, you're going to need to do your due diligence and do some research on the MA site. I like to tinker so for me it's fun, if you don't it can cause issues if you're just looking for quick fixes.

here is an article from Cheetah about the proper way to disassemble the vario and (more importantly) put it back together:

That being said, the vario can be tricky so follow the directions lock the crank, remove the sparkplug, stick some nylon rope down the sparkplug hole into the cylinder to prevent the piston from moving in the cylinder. then get your socket and remove the vario nut by turning CC...hold everything together with both hands to remove so that parts and pieces don't come falling out!

There are a ton of posts on modifying the vario on MA so you can just search for help.

Also, a lot of folks swear by this which is made by Cheetah for Treats...turns it into a pull start so no more starter clutches:

Also you can get this for the MBK cdi which makes your points setup obsolete and makes setting the timing really easy.

basically, if you want to start ripping you're gonna have to invest either

a) time and research

b) money

Re: Peugeot 103 Advice?

> matt madden Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> basically, if you want to start ripping you're gonna have to invest

> either


> a) time and research


> b) money

Both of the above , and , not just a little bit of either .

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