1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

Hey there, I know this is a moped site but I figured somebody on here may have some information on a bike I recently got, it's a Kawasaki Bushmaster 90. The one in the picture is not mine but it's the same model. Just looking for any info or links to parts or anything. It's next to go on the project table and I'd like to go into it with some information. Thanks!


Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

Paul Boyer (OFMC) /

Try checking out VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club). They should be able to help you out.

Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

VJMC is a good group. I am a member. But for parts... eBay and a lot of searching. Very few vintage Kawasaki Parts Dealers that I know of for the small bikes. Lots for the Triples Groups.

I would like to see an actual picture of the bike.

Most times on a bike like this... just the most simplest of parts to get it going can surpass the total value quickly. If you are going to flip for a profit be careful.

Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

punkrock randy /

Nice find, I recently acquired one of it’s competitors, 1970 Honda CL70 K1 scrambler. There are a lot of parts out there, but you’ll have to deal with aftermarket stuff as 50 years old makes oem hard to find. But if you just wanna get it going to enjoy, it shouldn’t be too tough. But I agree, these are less to profit off of and more to enjoy ;-)


Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

eBay or join a forum that specialize in vintage Kawasaki’s.

Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

As soon as I have pictures I will post, thanks for the info! I'm not planning on selling, just love these small bikes and want to get it going. I like to keep my builds as original as possible, but the older they get the harder that gets.

Re: 1970 Kawasaki Bushmaster

This is the actual bike.


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