Dropped c-clip down into a35 engine.

Taking wrist pin clip off the piston and i heard dink. It sprung off the needle nose pliars. I looked all over the room for the clip to no surprise i couldnt find it. Looked around for 30 minutes knowing i hadnt covered the engine after removing the head. I peaked in there it sat down in the case resting on the bottom of the crankshaft. I seen i only had a 1/8 of n inch width of room to reach and recover the clip. Or i would be paying someone to split the case because you can't run any engine with foreign materials and expect to last very long. Make a long story short! Duct taped a bread tie to an allen wrench and burnt off the coating formed it into a hook an 2 minutes later on the 3rd try i hooked the clip and pulled it out of the bottom of the case. Super happy wasn't at the time. Gonna cover the motor with a rag cloth etc during any work when you mess with piston and rings people.

Re: Dropped c-clip down into a35 engine.

Pushrod Fifty /

Awesome recovery. I use cheesecloth to cover up the crankcase. it bends around the crank and studs real easy and its dust free out of the bag. Home Depot- $3.00.

Re: Dropped c-clip down into a35 engine.

Good tip! i have a home depot 1 mile from my house. Thanks.

Re: Dropped c-clip down into a35 engine.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Never assume that it didn't fall in there.

The universe is a cruel dominatrix...

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