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Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to post, looking for a bit of help finding out about frame/engine numbers for a puch maxi (in Scotland).

The frame number seems to be 6 digits? Is that possible and then I found another mark below the e50 on the engine. Can’t see a reference to that anywhere online.


Been wanting one of these for a long time! Keen to get it running and on the road!!

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The 6 digit number under the seat is the bike’s VIN.

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See where it says E50 in the cases, look just to the left of that (towards the forward most motor mount) and there is a flat rectangular area, which should have the engine numbers. The TU-M156 number has to do with the casting/molds for that particular version of cases.

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Hey, thanks for the info but there’s nothing there. I’ve been trying to find as much as I can and I think in the U.K. it’s a much earlier model, early 70s. Looked all over the engine case (as much as I can as it’s still stuck on). Will keep looking. Thanks gain


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Re: Puch maxi uk help

I'm guessing you're looking for a manufacturing date? You won't find it, but luckily neither will your insurance company or whoever needs it, so your free to pick any year you like within the 70's.

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Partly yeah, over here, even though the moped is tax and mot exempt We have to have a registration for and plate. Atm it has none of those so I need to fill in a dvla form and that needs vin or engine and frame numbers etc. Just trying to get as much info as possible before sending off forms so that it can be registered. May even have to have an official owners club come and take pictures to satisfy the powers that be that I’ve not just bolted an engine on a bicycle (although not far off). Now on the hunt for info on the coil, I didn’t know that there were internal or external models! Loving learning about these bikes though.

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