I've become my ped.

Brad William /

Let me introduce myself


I've yet to attach some pedals, useless perhaps but to satisfy the purists here....anyway..

Hello! It's the new me!

Say hello when i happen by. Don't be shy.

LGBTIP2SQQAPKAR and all. Last one's a recent addition for, of course, ME! So don't be a stinking Robophobe! It's just mean and retrograde and has to stop. Well... just stopped before it starts anyway. Jus bein proactive.

So gimme a hug when you see me around. Don't be shy, even if you're clumsy around computers. I won't bite. I can't, he he.

Oh..if anyone gets out ahead of me on this and finds a source of cool shit to wear when im out about town let me know. PM me or sumpting. All my old shit just kinda hangs on me like shapeless baggage anymore.


Oh and I'll be givin y'all a heads-up MA invite to the "Summer Bot Mixer 2020" soon as i think enough of you have "transitioned". Open USB Charging Bar so no one goes home exhausted.

See ya!!!!! (edited)

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