Puch maxi E50 14mm intake question.

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How come there are many new high compression heads and piston sets made with square intake porting but not enough 12mm or 14mm short or tall square intakes made most of the originals made were round ports and you can't find gaskets for them. Anybody have an idea I have check most of the moped dealers on line all they have is round port gaskets unless you buy a hop up kit then you get the square gasket to match the head but know your back to square one and stuck with the original round port intake weather you have a tall 14mm or short 12mm that really sucks.

Re: Puch maxi E50 14mm intake question.

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Buy a aftermarket 15mm square port if you can’t find a used stock square port 14mm intake and if you have a za50 buy two square port intakes and cut the base off one sand smooth and flat, sandwich with another gasket and longer cap screws to clear oil injector hump,

You could use a round port intake and match cylinder hole a little bit and cut your own gasket out of gasket paper,

They also sell a very pricey 15mm intake that’s already tall for za50

Re: Puch maxi E50 14mm intake question.

Just make the gaskets out of a cereal box of you need to.

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